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Here in Holland - Distrust of Dutch Doctors
October 02, 2018 Andy Clark
This time, why don’t internationals here in the Netherlands trust Dutch healthcare? Surveys show only 30% of internationals trust Dutch doctors. It’s a staggering figure…and this lack of trust can lead to some random decision making with people going go abroad for healthcare and even quitting the Netherlands altogether. And all this while the Dutch have one of the most advanced medical systems in the world. So what’s going on? In the podcast this time a conversation with Dirk Jan Frijling from Healthcare for Internationals a non-profit network of healthcare providers that aims to have Dutch healthcare better meet the needs and expectations of internationals. You can find a detailed explanation of Dutch healthcare and health insurance at the website. If you like Here in Holland why not become a patron? For a small monthly contribution you’ll be supporting the show and with more patrons then I'll have the chance to make more shows and try new stuff. Become a patron today Links: Here in Holland email: Subscribe in iTunes or Android app of choice. Now on Spotify
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